How to celebrate someone’s life through writing a eulogy


What is a eulogy?

A eulogy is a speech that is given at the memorial service or funeral service in memory of the deceased. It is a traditional way to say farewell and honor the deceased through thoughts and shared experiences.

Preparing to write

It is a great honor to be asked to present a eulogy speech, however it comes with great pressure. Having a eulogy template can be a great help.

Gathering information

Start by gathering information. Get a notebook for making notes. Obtain a copy of the deceased obituary. This will be a great resource for your background information. Talk with friends and family members. You want to gather stories to use in your speech.

Writing the eulogy

Write a simple outline. Then go back and expand on it.

Eulogy example outline:
1. The Introduction
Briefly introduce yourself
2. The Background
State the basic information about the deceased
3. The Body
Use specific examples or stories about the deceased
4. The Conclusion

The Introduction

You should start by introducing yourself. State your name and what your relationship is to the deceased or how you know the deceased.

The Background

This is where you give basic information about the deceased. You want to include a few key points. For example, when and where the deceased was born. You can talk about marriages, children, parents, brothers and sisters.

The Body

The body of the eulogy should include personal stories. It should always be positive in tone. Never include anything negative. You can use humor or be lighthearted. Songs, poetry, and quotes can be inserted here.

The Conclusion

The conclusion can be a short message or statement. For example, thank you for the life you have shared with your loved ones.

When you are done writing remember to always practice reading the eulogy before giving it.

With these tips and your emotions pouring, nothing should stop you from delivering the perfect funeral speech for your deceased loved ones.

Faking A Doctor Note: It’s Not Easy

Fake doctors notes have become quite a popular sight in offices everywhere. Fake doctor’s notes come in handy when an employee needs to show proof of why they need or why they took a sick leave. This is not unheard of in companies. When an employee takes a sick leave, the management will ask for something to prove that. This is because there has been rampant behavior from some employees of taking sick offs whenever they want to. The need for proof is a way to curb that behavior.

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One may be wondering why they would need a fake note and if it would really work. Getting away with it is not always easy. There are some instances where some improvisation may be required. The use of a fake doctor note is not an entirely new concept. There are times when employees take sick offs without really being sick and then find someone to fake a doctor’s note. This however can be very dangerous. This is a very easy way to lose your job or get imprisoned.

An important question is, how to get a doctor’s note? No real physician will risk his license by selling notes to anyone who want to use it in getting back to work. So, if your excuse letter doesn’t come from a real doctor, technically, you call that note a fake. So, just how on earth can you acquire one?

Give your self a break just by using a fake doctor’s note.

Using online templates


The best thing that happened to employees like these are the online versions of fake doctors notes. There are templates online that one can use when they need to prove that they have been to a doctor. These templates have fake doctors notes that resemble the real thing. However, it is not exactly a walk in the park when it comes to presenting them. There is some danger involved. There are instances where the notes may be perfect, but others where one needs to watch their step. For instance, an employee that does not take sick offs regularly can get away with a fake doctor note easily. The logic behind this is that such an employee has a stellar record. Maybe they just needed to get some time off to rest. The management would not look very closely when it came to such a case.

However, you might not be as productive as you can be when working while you are stressed out. And might just consider quitting. But quitting should never be an option. An extra day off is all you need. Thanks to the internet that offers a lot of  fake dr note templates.

Use a fake doctor’s excuse to get out of work.

Getting away with it

There are however some people that are very popular in human resources for the number of times they get sick. People like this will raise suspicion when it came to getting sick days off, especially if they have used up their official ones. In such an instance, the fake doctor note has to pass all the common tests. All the information that is required to be in the note must be present. There are things like the name and signature among other things. One must find out what a typical doctors note looks like and make sure that the one they get fulfills the criteria.

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There are also other things to avoid like getting an altered note. Some people make this mistake more often than not. They get a real doctor’s note and alter the information. This is very dangerous because it’s illegal. If one were to get caught with such a note, they would get fired not to mention face some jail time. This is why it is important to make sure that the fake doctor note that one gets can pass through scrutiny. There are a lot of options that one can look at online when it comes to these notes. It’s just a matter of picking the one that would work without landing one into trouble.

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Workers Compensation It Doesn’t Always Pay the Bills

Workers compensation is generally an insurance program that has been established for the purposes of workers that suffer from work related injuries. This insurance program is mandated by the state. Injuries at the work place are not uncommon. There are some work places that are more prone to injuries than others, but that is beside the point. An employer is required to have this program established for all workers. There are laws that have been put in place to regulate this. The main reason why there is a program like this is to prevent an employee that has been injured at the workplace from suing the company. This is something that happens a lot. The workers’ compensation is supposed to take care of that.

Getting compensation for injuries

There are different types of injuries that one can get from a workplace. This of course depends on the environment. A factory, for instance, is more prone to work related injuries. When an employee gets injured, they may be out of commission for a period of time. This will depend on the injury. In some cases, an individual may be out for a few weeks and back on their feet, good as new. In some unfortunate cases, however, this may not be quite the ending.


There are some injuries that may be too severe. There are cases when an employee may stay out for months and in some cases, an injury may be for life. Someone like this cannot count on the workers’ compensation to pay all their bills. The regulations on workers’ compensation vary from state to state. These make the cases all different. In most instances, the compensation is used to pay for the bills that have accumulated. When someone gets injured, they may lose their source of income, whether temporarily or otherwise. This will affect a lot of things.

More bills to pay

When an individual does not have anywhere that they can depend on for income, then they will just use up all the money they get from the compensation. In a situation where the insured is the bread winner, this may be very hard. People have a lot of needs and the money that is given as compensation may not be enough. There are also the medical bills to pay. Some injuries may require extensive medical care that may not be covered by the compensation. This may lead to some financial constraints.

The plans that are offered when it comes to workers’ compensation are different. There are some that may be offered as payment for the medical expense. In such a case, the compensation functions as some sort of health insurance. There are also other plans where the compensation may be offered to the injured party in terms of wages. Whatever the plan is, sometimes it’s just not enough. For instance an injury may require specialized surgery; this may be expensive in some many ways. Sometimes the plans that are offered may not be beneficial to the injured party the way they were meant to. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to workers compensation. The one thing to remember is that in some cases, it may just not be enough.

Rheumatologists; the Smartest Doctors

A rheumatologist is a doctor that specializes in rheumatism. These are conditions that involve the locomotors part of the human system. There are conditions that cause pain in the joints, bones and muscles. There are very many cases of rheumatism in the world today. These are caused by different factors surrounding an individual. The work of the rheumatologist is to diagnose and treat these conditions. Rheumatologists are considered some of the smartest doctors in the field of medicine. Rheumatism can present itself in so many ways. A rheumatologist would have to identify what exactly the problem is and provide a solution for it.

Rheumatism is a somewhat complex condition to deal with. There is no surety that when one part of the body is in pain, another one won’t have the same problem. A rheumatologist cannot say that they specialize in just one part of the body. There are doctors like that. There are physicians that only deal with some parts of the body and that’s it. A rheumatologist however, has to be ready for anything. A patient may come in complaining of their aching feet and after a while, it’s the muscle joints in their shoulders. This means that the doctor would have to deal with both problems.


When it comes to training, rheumatologist get a vigorous training to get to their destination. Four years of undergraduate studies is followed by another 3 years of medical school. After that there is residency training of about 3 years. This is where they choose to specialize in Rheumatology. After the residency, there is another period of about 3-4 years that is spent on Fellowship training. There is also an exam that one must complete to become a board certified rheumatologist. The requirements when it comes to training may vary from one region to another.

Working areas

A rheumatologist works in different capacities. In some cases, they would be the primary doctor. In such a case, they may work with other medical professionals on one case. For instance there may be physical therapists, nurses, psychologists, that may contribute to a single case. There are different diseases that a rheumatologist may be required to intervene in. These include, but are not limited to; autoimmune diseases like lupus, scleroderma, myositis, osteoporosis and gout. Some of these diseases are very serious and may require some additional medical care from other fields of medicine.

There are also instances when the rheumatologist will work secondary to other medical professionals. There are some instances where they are called in just to provide their expertise on certain issues. This is when they work as mere consultants on medical cases. In most cases, rheumatism will requires personalized treatment. People have different systems and that means the problems will be different. These problems may also keep evolving over time. It is up to the rheumatologist to make sure that a patient with a rheumatic condition gets treatment that is right for them. There is always something new to learn when it comes to rheumatology. This is why the doctors in the field have to always be alert and ready to adopt in order to be able to serve their patients better.

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When You Have High Blood Pressure Change Your Diet before Taking Meds

High blood pressure is a disease that is affecting a lot of people in the world. The cases of people being diagnosed with high blood pressure increase by the day. There is a need for people to take care of themselves to avoid these cases. There are several causes of high blood pressure. Knowing what causes the disease is essential because it gives one a chance to protect themselves. Sometimes even with the best preventative measures, someone can still get high blood pressure. Dealing with this disease can be stressful in itself. Treatment regimens that are available for high blood pressure require the commitment of the highest degree.

Managing the disease with proper diet

Part of the treatment of this disease is medication. There is some specific medication that a patient may take to manage the disease. There are other factors however that will contribute to the effectiveness of the treatment. The diet that one is on is very critical when it comes to high blood pressure. The stuff that goes into the body plays a big part in the disease. There are some eating habits that may make the condition worse. This is why it is advisable to check one’s diet when taking high blood pressure medications. This is to make sure that the treatment will work.


There are specific diets that have been established for people managing high blood pressure. Salt for one is something that contributes a great deal to the disease. Reducing salt intake is one of the things that a patient is advised to do. This means that the diet has to have foods that have lower sodium content. The diet should avoid foods that will increase the sodium intake. Sodium is one of the contributing factors to high blood pressure. Taking a diet that is low on that will give a patient better control of their blood pressure. One can ask their doctor how much salt is good for them. This can then be incorporated into the diet.

Watching the diet

Weight is also a big factor in controlling blood pressure. One thing that people are always advised on is to have better control of their weight. Overweight people are at a higher risk of getting high blood pressure. When someone is on medication they should try and get their weight level down. This will help a lot in managing the condition. One way to manage weight is to watch the portion of the food. Keeping a regular account of the food portions would help a lot. One can know what they need to do to keep them in check.

Lowering the calories is also very important. This is another thing that a patient will be advised on. Before you start taking high blood sugar medication, it’s advisable to make sure that the calories levels are lower. Reducing the amount of calories in the diet is a good way to manage the disease. One can find out what foods are low in calories. Vegetables are a good place to start. This will help bring down the calories count in the body. A physician may also give recommendations on which foods are the best for someone dealing with high blood pressure. It’s always advisable to stick to the nutritional recommendations because they make a lot of difference.

If You Telecommute Do You Get The Same Benefits?

Telecommuting is a concept that has become popular with time. More people are considering the option more. Telecommuting generally means an employee working from home using the internet among other things. This is not something new per se. The idea of letting employees telecommute is one that has been a source of debate for a while. There have been discussions on what the benefits of working from home are and if these kinds of employees get the same kind of benefits.

More freedom

One thing that everyone can agree on is the freedom that telecommuting has. Employees that work from home are to subject to the same rules and regulations as standard employees. An employee who telecommutes has more hours to do work with for one. The logic behind this is that one wouldn’t have to spend time getting themselves ready for work and then commuting there. In some instances, this takes a lot of time. There are some people that take even two hours to get to their offices depending on where they live and work. This is a loss of manpower. This is time that can be used to do something else. Someone working from home only has to wake up and start working.


The idea of telecommuting is one that a lot of companies are considering. It is however important to understand the whole concept. It helps to look at both sides of this particular coin. As much as an employee gets to work more hours, there is also the chance that they won’t get their work done on time. For instance someone who has children in the house may find themselves getting distracted. It takes a lot of discipline to monitor oneself when working from home. This is something that the company has no control over.

Social interaction and other implications

There is also the social bit of it. Working from home means that an employee doesn’t have interactions with other employees. This can be bad for the social interaction part of employment. An employee that decides to telecommute doesn’t get the chance to socialize with other employees. There are many advantages that come with social interactions at the work place. For one, it is easier to come up with ideas. Having people that share the same goals give one the drive to be better. There is always someone to compete with. There is also room for disagreements and criticism. These are things that help an employee grow.

There is also another aspect of telecommuting that may be overlooked every now and then. The issue of workers compensation is very critical. Some companies don’t consider the implications that telecommuting has on these programs. When an employee is working from home, the employer has no control whatsoever on where the employee works. The work environment is not something that they can control. They are not sure if the environment if prone to injury. For instance if someone is working from home and an accident happens at home, is that work related? There are very many parameters to consider when it comes to telecommuting and workers compensation. Both the employer and employee have to carefully consider what the implications are when the worker has to telecommute.