If You Telecommute Do You Get The Same Benefits?

Telecommuting is a concept that has become popular with time. More people are considering the option more. Telecommuting generally means an employee working from home using the internet among other things. This is not something new per se. The idea of letting employees telecommute is one that has been a source of debate for a while. There have been discussions on what the benefits of working from home are and if these kinds of employees get the same kind of benefits.

More freedom

One thing that everyone can agree on is the freedom that telecommuting has. Employees that work from home are to subject to the same rules and regulations as standard employees. An employee who telecommutes has more hours to do work with for one. The logic behind this is that one wouldn’t have to spend time getting themselves ready for work and then commuting there. In some instances, this takes a lot of time. There are some people that take even two hours to get to their offices depending on where they live and work. This is a loss of manpower. This is time that can be used to do something else. Someone working from home only has to wake up and start working.


The idea of telecommuting is one that a lot of companies are considering. It is however important to understand the whole concept. It helps to look at both sides of this particular coin. As much as an employee gets to work more hours, there is also the chance that they won’t get their work done on time. For instance someone who has children in the house may find themselves getting distracted. It takes a lot of discipline to monitor oneself when working from home. This is something that the company has no control over.

Social interaction and other implications

There is also the social bit of it. Working from home means that an employee doesn’t have interactions with other employees. This can be bad for the social interaction part of employment. An employee that decides to telecommute doesn’t get the chance to socialize with other employees. There are many advantages that come with social interactions at the work place. For one, it is easier to come up with ideas. Having people that share the same goals give one the drive to be better. There is always someone to compete with. There is also room for disagreements and criticism. These are things that help an employee grow.

There is also another aspect of telecommuting that may be overlooked every now and then. The issue of workers compensation is very critical. Some companies don’t consider the implications that telecommuting has on these programs. When an employee is working from home, the employer has no control whatsoever on where the employee works. The work environment is not something that they can control. They are not sure if the environment if prone to injury. For instance if someone is working from home and an accident happens at home, is that work related? There are very many parameters to consider when it comes to telecommuting and workers compensation. Both the employer and employee have to carefully consider what the implications are when the worker has to telecommute.