Rheumatologists; the Smartest Doctors

A rheumatologist is a doctor that specializes in rheumatism. These are conditions that involve the locomotors part of the human system. There are conditions that cause pain in the joints, bones and muscles. There are very many cases of rheumatism in the world today. These are caused by different factors surrounding an individual. The work of the rheumatologist is to diagnose and treat these conditions. Rheumatologists are considered some of the smartest doctors in the field of medicine. Rheumatism can present itself in so many ways. A rheumatologist would have to identify what exactly the problem is and provide a solution for it.

Rheumatism is a somewhat complex condition to deal with. There is no surety that when one part of the body is in pain, another one won’t have the same problem. A rheumatologist cannot say that they specialize in just one part of the body. There are doctors like that. There are physicians that only deal with some parts of the body and that’s it. A rheumatologist however, has to be ready for anything. A patient may come in complaining of their aching feet and after a while, it’s the muscle joints in their shoulders. This means that the doctor would have to deal with both problems.


When it comes to training, rheumatologist get a vigorous training to get to their destination. Four years of undergraduate studies is followed by another 3 years of medical school. After that there is residency training of about 3 years. This is where they choose to specialize in Rheumatology. After the residency, there is another period of about 3-4 years that is spent on Fellowship training. There is also an exam that one must complete to become a board certified rheumatologist. The requirements when it comes to training may vary from one region to another.

Working areas

A rheumatologist works in different capacities. In some cases, they would be the primary doctor. In such a case, they may work with other medical professionals on one case. For instance there may be physical therapists, nurses, psychologists, that may contribute to a single case. There are different diseases that a rheumatologist may be required to intervene in. These include, but are not limited to; autoimmune diseases like lupus, scleroderma, myositis, osteoporosis and gout. Some of these diseases are very serious and may require some additional medical care from other fields of medicine.

There are also instances when the rheumatologist will work secondary to other medical professionals. There are some instances where they are called in just to provide their expertise on certain issues. This is when they work as mere consultants on medical cases. In most cases, rheumatism will requires personalized treatment. People have different systems and that means the problems will be different. These problems may also keep evolving over time. It is up to the rheumatologist to make sure that a patient with a rheumatic condition gets treatment that is right for them. There is always something new to learn when it comes to rheumatology. This is why the doctors in the field have to always be alert and ready to adopt in order to be able to serve their patients better.

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