How to celebrate someone’s life through writing a eulogy


What is a eulogy?

A eulogy is a speech that is given at the memorial service or funeral service in memory of the deceased. It is a traditional way to say farewell and honor the deceased through thoughts and shared experiences.

Preparing to write

It is a great honor to be asked to present a eulogy speech, however it comes with great pressure. Having a eulogy template can be a great help.

Gathering information

Start by gathering information. Get a notebook for making notes. Obtain a copy of the deceased obituary. This will be a great resource for your background information. Talk with friends and family members. You want to gather stories to use in your speech.

Writing the eulogy

Write a simple outline. Then go back and expand on it.

Eulogy example outline:
1. The Introduction
Briefly introduce yourself
2. The Background
State the basic information about the deceased
3. The Body
Use specific examples or stories about the deceased
4. The Conclusion

The Introduction

You should start by introducing yourself. State your name and what your relationship is to the deceased or how you know the deceased.

The Background

This is where you give basic information about the deceased. You want to include a few key points. For example, when and where the deceased was born. You can talk about marriages, children, parents, brothers and sisters.

The Body

The body of the eulogy should include personal stories. It should always be positive in tone. Never include anything negative. You can use humor or be lighthearted. Songs, poetry, and quotes can be inserted here.

The Conclusion

The conclusion can be a short message or statement. For example, thank you for the life you have shared with your loved ones.

When you are done writing remember to always practice reading the eulogy before giving it.

With these tips and your emotions pouring, nothing should stop you from delivering the perfect funeral speech for your deceased loved ones.